The Winter of 1962

I was born in 1962 mum said was difficult to keep little ones warm .You always had to be well wrapped up.

I once read a true story about the winter of 1962/63, and here it is.

High up in the Yorkshire dales , a farmer’s wife had given birth to her fourth child ,It had been a difficult birth and she was not well in the first few weeks of  the Childs birth , this was the winter of 1962/63 , The farm was a sheep farm with one cow for the families milk requirements .

With snow drifts up to 20tf deep, things were getting bad with the remote position of the farm, and no neighbours close by .The farmer’s wife, s milk dried up, not having milk powder for her baby, she didn’t know what to do? With the constant worry of tuberculosis from the cattle and the baby being so young, it was a worrying time.


The family’s Border collie had just had pups two weeks earlier, Peg was the family pet as well as a working sheep dog, and had grown up with all the other three children. The farmer’s wife looked at her in her quiet warm place by the range, suckling her pups.

The farmer’s wife knew the answer, she cleaned the bitchs teats and put her crying baby up to peg, who looked a little puzzled, but happily accepted the baby.

This is a very unusual story, but the baby thrived and mum improved too, forever after there was a special bond between, Peg and baby.

They were finally dug out after 8 weeks; food had been dropped in by helicopter.

It just shows the trust in the dog of the farmer’s wife, and the dogs whelping intuition coupled with the dog’s good nature that saved, the day and the child.

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